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Transmission Hazemeter

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Transmission Hazemeter



Accurate - ASTM D1003 CIE C Standard

The Novo-Haze TX measures Total Transmission and Haze according to ASTM D1003 (CIE C). ASTM D1003 is one of the most important standards used in QA applications for film and sheet.

Faster Measurements

The Rhopoint Novo-Haze Transmission Haze meter allows Fast and Accurate optical transmission and haze measurement 30% faster than the Haze-Gard i. This makes the Novo-Haze TX an ideal choice for both quality and development functions for any laboratory or QA environment. You can also get it faster; since it is at a fraction of the price (see below).

Transmission Hazemeter Display

Ease of Use

The user interface presents an intuitively designed screen with six quick access touch sensitive buttons on the edge of the screen.

These quick response buttons also prevent potentially dirty fingers from smudging the screen. Data, at a push of one button, is easily transferred onto a USB memory stick with built-in date stamped and statistical data per batch.

The small label printer (not available with the Haze-Gard i) permits samples to be identified with printed Results.

Materials Measured

This instrument was designed as a direct response to the Packaging Industry’s requirements, thus Novo-Haze TX was developed to measure films and thin sheet products..

  • Plastic film
  • Acetate
  • Polyester film
  • Mylar
  • Vinyl film
  • Glass (Thin)
  • Colored film
  • Dark film

What is Transmission Haze ?

Transmission Haze is a measurement of the light scattering characteristics of a material. Haze can be due to suspended particles or contaminants within a sample or fine surface texture & contamination.

Haze measurement can be used to quantify optical characteristics of plastics and packaging films.

Meat with hazy packaging

 In packaging applications hazy films may reduce a consumer’s quality perception as packed products with haze affected films can look cloudy and indistinct.

 For plastics with haze the visibility of the test material becomes more apparent and the contrast of viewed objects is reduced.

Price Savings - New benchmark

The innovative design for the packaging industry allows enormous savings, a 50% savings, i.e. over ten thousand dollars, compared to the Haze-Gard i.

 The Rhopoint Novo-Haze TX mesures to standard  ASTM D1003, CIE C) so  represents huge savings without compromising measurement accuracy.

Data Download (by batch)

Optional Accesories

Results Printer

Results printer

If multiple tests are performed, statistics or the batch will be displayed and can be printed to the results printer to keep with retained samples.

Example of label for keep sample

Foot Switch

Footswitch for Hazemeter

If multiple tests are performed, the optional footswitch allows the operator to intiate testing while holding to sample with both hands.





To measure to standard (ASTM D1003, CIE C), the Rhopoint Novo-Haze TX represents enormous savings without compromising Measurement Accuracy or Instrument Quality.

  • Save more than $10,000 off the price of the Haze-Gard i
  • Measures Total Transmission and Haze
  • Polyester film
  • Mylar
  • Measure to ASTM D1003 (CIE C)
  • Measure plastic film, acetate, polyester film, Mylar, & vinyl film
  • Measure Faster
  • No Software Required (Save US$4,000)
  • Simpler to use
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