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Automatic Cupping Tester Model #CA-23100

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Automatic Cupping Tester

Automatic Cupping Tester by Imbotec PayPal
Automatic Cupping Tester
$ 4297 USD

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The BEVS Automatic Cupping Tester offers advanced technology to efficiently assess the elasticity and cupping resistance of various coatings. With the integrated CCD camera, take photos or videos of the deformation process or result, and copy them to a USB stick. Use the touch screen controls, or attach a mouse to the USB port to control the instrument. Download data onto a USB stick. Three testing modes are available: pass/fail with an adjustable preset depth; gradually increase indentation to define the minimum depth at which a coating fails; or create your own standardized test protocol to suit your company’s needs, varying speed and depth as required.


  • Touch Screen
  • Mouse connection included
  • Input testing parameters via touchscreen or mouse
  • Realtime display of cupping proccess
  • Realtime display of cupping speed and depth with photos and video
  • Automatic zero calibration
  • Manual programmable modes
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