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PoliGloss 60° Model GJ-10300

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The New Simplicity in Gloss Measurement

The PoliGloss 60 is new in the world of low-cost instruments, showcasing unique benefits greatly accepted in the Polished Concrete Industry.


The PoliGloss 60 is certified to be accurate to the world’s top associations in Gloss; ASTM D523, BAM (Germany) and National Research Council (Canada) and NIST. Ease of use and simplicity are superior to that of meters costing twice the price.

Calibration Check & Adjustment

Ninety nine percent of the time, just turn on the PolyGloss 60° and you are ready to go. Once in a blue moon, the value will be a digit off compared to the tile value. To adjust, just turn the calibration wheel until both values match. No Buttons, no menus. The PoliGloss 60° calibration tile holder has a dual protective purpose to keep both the glossmeter and the calibration tile clean. The glossmeter, upon startup, checks the calibration tile and displays the value.

No Functions - No Menus - Simple

No menus. Design simplicity was our priority. One button to turn on and ready to measure. Another button to place the measurement on HOLD. Simple. Instructions are North American English, with native English speakers on technical support.

Sturdy Outer Construction

The casing was designed for durability. It will absorb bumps and small drops on hard surfaces.

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