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Reflectometer Meter & Opacity Meter

Novo-Shade DUO


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Novo-Shade Duo
Novo-Shade DUO
$ 1,799 USD
FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING for mainland USA & Canada if purchased on the website.
Otherwise please call 866-462-6832 or email.
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Novo Gloss 45 degrees for ceramics, film, metal manufacturing
Novo-Shade Comes Complete With Novo-Shade Standards Novo-Shade Dimensions
white checkmark Novo Shade Duo 45°/0°
white checkmark Rugged Carrying Case
white checkmark Calibration Standard -
White 100% & Black 0%"
white checkmark Novo-SoftTM QA Software CD
white checkmark Data Cable
white checkmark ISO-NPL calibration certificate
white checkmark Quick Start Guide
white checkmark Alkaline Batteries
white checkmark Screwdriver
white checkmark PDF Instructions on CD
ASTM E97, ASTM E1347, ASTM 4214, ISO 2814, ISO 6504, BS3900-D4, BS D7
5 (w) x 10 (h) x 12.5 (l) cm
Range Repeatability Reproducibility
0 - 100 0.2 % 0.5 %
Cat No. Description Geometry Application Measuring Area
DUO Novo-Shade Duo Reflectometer - and Opacity Meter 45 ° ceramics
film, concrete
20°- 8 x 15mm Ellipse
20°- Ø11mm
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Novo Shade-DUO Reflectometer & Opacity Meter

Novo-Shade DUO, the Industry's Only Reflectometer and Opacimeter Combined Together

The Novo-Shade-DUO easily measures Reflectivity and Opacity. In Reflectivity Mode, place the instrument over your application and press the measurement button. Within a fraction of a second, the result is displayed in "% Reflectance".

We areMaster distributors and the ONLY FACTORY AUTHORIZED U.S. and Canadian CALIBRATION and CERTIFICATION Facility for Rhopoint Glossmeters, Haze, DOI, RIQ and other Optical physical testing equipment. We only supply our customers with quality reputable equipment ensuring it will not be returned to us.

Reflectivity Applications: Novo-Shade Duo
  • Reflectivity of Paints
  • Reflectivity of Coatings
  • Reflectivity of Concrete, SRI - Solar Reflection Index
  • Reflectivity of Inks
  • Efficiency of Cleaning power of Detergents and Bleaching Agents
  • Reflectivity of Recycled Paper
  • Cleanliness and Oxidation of Metal Surfaces
Opacity Applications: Novo-Shade Duo
  • Transparency of Plastic Film
  • Hiding Power of Paints over a Leneta type of Card with Black and White backgrounds
  • Opacity of Paper
Features: Novo-Shade Duo
  • Digital Large LCD Readout
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Non-destructive measurement of reflectivity
  • Built-in Statistical Analysis of stored readings, provides Batch Quality Assessment
  • Large, clear, easy to read display giving meaningful readings
  • Continuous function enables user to "SCAN" the product quickly
  • 15,000+ measurements on one set of batteries (Longest in Industry)
  • Automatic power cutoff switches "Off" when not in use to save battery
  • Standard with EN, FR, D, NL, ESP, IT, TK, CZ languages
  • Download readings for further Analysis
Specifications: Novo-Shade Duo
  • Resolution: 0.1 GU
  • Repeatability: 0.2%
  • Reproducibility: 0.5 GU
  • Range: 0 - 100%
  • Angle: 45°/0°
  • Battery Type: AAA
  • Battery Life: 15,000+ Readings
  • Year Designed: 2006
  • Weight:  470g
  • Measurement Area: 15mm x 10mm
  • Extended Two Warranty
  • Extended Light Source Life to Ten Years
Service Spare Parts: Novo-Shade Duo
  • $ 387. - Replacement of the White and Black Calibration Tile Box
  • $ 275. - Replacement of the White Calibration Reflectance Tile

To Purchase a glossmeter with an additional Gloss Tile, please call our sales department :
Toll Free at : 1-866-462-6832.

11 Reasons to Purchase the Novo-Shade Duo
  1. Best and Only Reflectometer & Opacimeter all in one
  2. We are the only Factory Authorized Calibration Facility for Mexico, United States and Canada
  3. Longest Battery Life on Market - 15000+ readings, - no need for costly AC Adapter
  4. Longest Most Comprehensive WARRANTY - 2 Full Years
  5. Most All Products IN Stock ALL the TIME
  6. Only Qualified Factory Authorized Repair Facility, if needed
  7. Quality Engineering by Rhopoint of England
  8. Free Novo-Soft Quality Assurance Software
  9. Lowest Price Guaranteed - 110% Money Back Guarantee
  10. A corporation in business serving customers since the 90's with satisfaction - BBB Member

Every Paint Laboratory, Concrete Manufacturer (Solar Index), Ink Manufacturer will definitely be happy with the Low Cost Novo-Shade DUO for Quick Easy Accurate measurements

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Novo-Gloss Lite, Novo-Gloss Statistical, Novo-Shade Duo and Novo-Curve instruments are supplied complete with Novo-SoftTM QA software and data cable. This enables you to download stored readings from your gloss meter memory to a PC for storage or further analysis.

Features include the ability to batch and cross-reference results from multiple instruments and produce graphical reports. Results can also be exported to MS Excel or other compatible PC based software.

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Novo Gloss 45
Novo-Shade DUO
$ 1,799 USD
FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING for mainland USA & Canada if purchased on the website.
Otherwise please call 866-462-6832 or email.
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