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IQ Flex 20 Gloss, DOI, Haze and RSPEC Meter for small & curved surfaces One click measure of Gloss, Haze, DOI, RIQ and RSPEC Novo-Gloss Dualgloss for mid/high gloss Novo-Gloss Trigloss for matt to mirror finishes Novo Curve 60° for curved objects Concrete Clarity meter for polished concrete floor finishes Novo-Gloss 60 for all gloss levels
gloss Statistics Included in all Novo Gloss models gloss measurement Hard-case/Cable Included
gloss measurement Large Memory for 999 Readings gloss measurement New Ergonomic Design
gloss measurement Pass/Fail and Gloss Difference   for Super Comfort
gloss measurement Software Included for Excel Analysis gloss measurement 10 Year Lamp Warranty
gloss measurement Extended Gloss Range to 2000GU gloss measurement Excellent Repeatability of 0.2GU
Gloss meter Light weight at only 0.9lb. - 0.4kg. gloss meter Best Value
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Measure Gloss with the Correct Gloss Meter:
20°, 60°, 85°, Trigloss

If you already know model you desire, proceed below and click on the model you need, otherwise go to Gloss Introduction to learn which model is right for you.


Novo-Gloss Dualgloss

For very smooth and highly polished surfaces that reflect images distinctly. The incident light is directly reflected on the surface, i.e. only in the main direction of reflection. The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection.

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Novo-Gloss 60°

On semi smooth surfaces the light is diffusely scattered somewhat in all directions. The image forming qualities are diminished: A reflected object no longer appears super brilliant, but semi blurred.

The more uniform the light is scattered, the less intense will be the reflection in the main direction and the duller the surface will appear.

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Novo-Gloss Trigloss

On rougher surfaces the light is diffusely scattered in all directions. The image forming qualities are much diminished: A reflected object no longer appears brilliant, but almost non-existent.

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THE ALL IN ONE: Novo-GLOSS Trigloss 20°, 60°, 85°

When one requires measuring all three types of surfaces described above, we have a Novo-Gloss Trigloss unit that simultaneously measures all three geometries. Immediately recognize deviations from the specification. With all three geometries; 20°, 60°, 85°, in one unit, it is as handy as the one angle unit.

Having three geometries in one unit allows you to be in compliance with international standards and to quickly recognize quality variations. View one angle only or all three. All the selected geometries are measuring at the exact same location. The results are displayed instantly, including statistics.

Measure Gloss, Haze, Distinctness of Image & RSPEC with the: Rhopoint IQ Goniophotometer

THE ULTIMATE IMAGE QUALITY METER: Rhopoint IQ 20/60/85° Gloss, Haze, DOI & RSPEC Meter

The Rhopoint IQ instrument measures the following parameters with a single button push:


A high quality finish is important in a number of industries. Orange peel and haze have a huge impact on finish quality. Standard glossmeters cannot measure these effects that reduce visual quality.

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How is Gloss Measured?

Gloss is measured by shining a known amount of light at a surface and quantifying the reflectance. The angle of the light and the method by which the reflectance is measured are determined by the surface.

Gloss Meter Detector

Gloss is determined using a Gloss Meter which directs a light at a specific angle to the test surface and simultaneously measures the amount of reflection. The type of surface to be measured determines the gloss meter angle to be used and thus the gloss meter model.

The intensity is dependent on the material and the angle of illumination. In case of nonmetals (coatings, plastics) the amount of reflected light increases with the increase of the illumination angle. The remaining illuminated light penetrates the material and is absorbed or diffusely scattered dependent on the color.

Metals have a much higher reflection and are less angle dependent than non metals.

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