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Optimap PSD Surface Quality Mapper

Optimap PSD Phase Stepped Deflectometry Meter

A revolution in surface measurement


  • Objective Measurement
  • High Resolution Measurement
  • Modular Software with Instant Results
  • Portable Sensor System
  • Reflective Information
  • 3D Topographical Data
  • Data Export

The Optimap PSDis excellent at measuring textures, i.e. how flat and smooth is a surface? The Optimap can quantify this visual effect either as curvatures or into BYK Wavescan compatible units.

Since the Optimap PSD produces contour maps, it will be apparent what is causing visible defects in texture. In Composite Materials, we can visibly see which weave layer is showing through, thus causing an orange peel effect. For polished materialswe will see circular polish swirls or grain from the product surface. The optimap can easily measure the defect depth in microns. In Carbon Fiber bodywork, this would indicate if a manufacturing fault can be hidden in the painting process or whether the part should be scraped. In yacht finishes, we know that damage can be simply sanded out or whether it will require filling first. In other industries, we perhaps can understand how long a damaged or rough product will take to prepare.

The Unique Advantage of the Optimap PSD is in its ability to IDENTIFY and QUANTIFY DEFECTS. With the use of software, one can automate Inspection.

Optimap PSDFor maximum consumer impact, high quality products require high quality finishes that are homogeneous, blemish and defect free.

Surface finish is currently assessed subjectively by visual inspection or measured by instruments that do not capture a full picture of surface quality.

The Optimap creates contour maps and measures surface quality.

In a single fast operation the Optimap maps the topography of a test surface displaying faults and texture in incredible detail. Mapped information is processed into objective surface measurements that can be used to effectively control product quality.

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Reasons to buy the Optimap PSD

  • Maps, Measures and Quantifies Surface Appearance Quality
  • Produces detailed full field 3D surface images
  • Objectively measures surface curvature and texture
  • Displays measurements in traceable SI units
  • Displays measurements in BYK Wavescan scales
  • Identifies and locates common surface defects
  • Requires no movement over the surface
  • Removes errors caused through subjective visual evaluation
  • Rugged and accurate, the Optimap is suitable for laboratory,
    factory or on-site inspection.
  • The soft touch measurement portal means the instrument can
    be used safely on the highest quality surfaces.
  • Surface texture and defects can be assessed on a huge variety
    of surfaces: semi matt surfaces to polished mirrors, small &
    curved parts.
  • A large area is mapped in a single operation (95 x 70mm).
  • On screen 3-D Maps give instant access to surface topography.
  • Data and results are fully compatible with other analytical
    techniques and third party software.
  • Optional software allows sophisticated texture / fault analysis
    and report generation.
  • Download the brochure for more information
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Optimap PSD - The Technology

Using an advanced measuring technique known as Phase Stepped Deflectometry -PSD, the Optimap PSD is capable of making fast, objective, full field measurements over large areas requiring no movement over the surface.

Phase Stepped Deflectometry is a white light optical technique, using a periodic pattern with a sinusoidal waveform to measure the profile or curvature (K) of a surface. This waveform is presented to the surface using a high resolution display and the reflected pattern captured by a high resolution camera. The sinusoidal profile acts as a ruler on the surface allowing the ordinates of the light source to be mapped as they are proportional to the spatial phase of the sinusoidal pattern profile.

By shifting or “stepping” the waveform phase it allows an accurate measurement of each point across the surface through the corresponding point per pixel on the camera.

Using the geometric relationship between the display, the objects surface and camera, light rays reflected from the surface are spatially modelled to calculate the direction of the normal at each point of the surface thereby allowing the profile at that point to be obtained.


By differentiating the data obtained the curvature field can be calculated allowing an accurate characterisation of surface defect. Using the sinusoidal pattern profile orthogonally across the surface, multi-dimensional profile and curvature information is obtained. Integrating this information allows the original 3D surface topology to be reconstructed.

X Fringe
X Fringe Y Fringe

Unlike other automated slope and curvature measurement methods, PSD is a full field process requiring no mechanical translation from either the sensor or the surface; all angular and positional inaccuracies are therefore removed.

Surface Texture map


Wavelength (nm)

Curvature (m-1)


0.1 – 0.3



0.3 – 1.0



1.0 – 3.0



3.0 – 10.0



10.0 – 30.0


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Rhopoint IQ Trio Specifications


  • Display: 6.5" Color TFT Touch Screen
  • Camera: 1.3 Megapixels, image resolution 1296 x 966
  • Measurement Area: 95mm x 70mm, 3 3/4" x 2 3/4"
  • Lateral Resolution: 75µm
  • Data storage: 6GB Compact Flash – 200 readings
  • Battery: Lithium Ion 4800mAH
  • Capacity: 4-8 hour usage per charge
  • Weight: 3.0 Kg
  • Dimensions: 218mm x 250mm x 200mm (WxDxH), 8.6" x 10" x 8"
  • Repeatability:<1%
  • Reproducibility: < 2%
Optimap PSD

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Included With the Optimap PSD

  • ISO 17025 Calibration Tile Certificate
  • ISO 17025 Instrument Certification
  • USB Cable
  • Power Charger
  • Hard Nylon Case
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